Sach Fernando and our team of road accident lawyers has achieved $265,000 in Pain and Suffering damages for a young mum whose partner was killed in a road accident.

In July 2020 our client’s Partner was assisting an elderly woman load groceries into her car, when he was struck and killed by a careless driver.

Following his death, our client was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and post traumatic disorder. She was treated infrequently by a Psychiatrist and Psychologist. Due to her parental responsibilities, she was unable to attend to psychiatric treatment on a regular basis. She took antidepressants to manage her condition.

Despite the minimal treatment, the impact of her psychiatric injury was more than considerable. She had constant nightmares and flashbacks to when the Police informed her of her of the tragedy, and the moment she had to inform her kids. She suffered from constant visions of her Partner in the accident. She became anti-social as her life centred around her parenting responsibilities. She also experienced difficulties with her memory and concentration.

In describing her pain and suffering our client said, “the life I am living doesn’t feel like life at all, just a shell of what used to be and survival for my kids”.

In the Supreme Court case of Biggs v O’Connor, His Honour Justice Andrew Keogh awarded a widow $275,000. We are pleased that our client was able to achieve a high pre-litigated award of damages without the need to issue proceedings.

“Whilst no amount of money can bring back her partner, this money will ease some of our client’s financial burden and allow her to provide for her children”, said Sach Fernando (Principal Lawyer).

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