Road Accident Compensation

After a traffic accident you are legally entitled to claim the financial support you deserve to help you recover.

It doesn’t matter who was at fault. 

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Financial support is available where an individual has been injured or has died in a motor vehicle accident – regardless of who was at fault.

Although the process to claim support through the TAC insurance scheme can be relatively simple, road injuries can be complex and the support needed to recover varies from person to person.

This is why it is recommended that you speak with a TAC lawyer as soon as reasonably practical after an injury to ensure that you are fully informed as to your eligibility and potential entitlements, understand the information you will need to gather and steps you need to take in order to guarantee your compensation.

Victorians who have been injured or died because of a car accident involving a motor vehicle, bicycle or as a pedestrian may be entitled to claim rightful entitlements for:

  • Weekly payments
  • Medical and associated expenses
  • Impairment benefit
  • Lump sum for your pain and suffering and loss of earnings
  • Superannuation benefits
  • Dependency claims.

Strict time limits apply, so we encourage you to speak with our TAC lawyers today for information about your rights and entitlements.

“I cannot thank Sach, Shane and Maxiom Injury Lawyers enough for all the hard work and effort they have gone through for my case. You have exceeded my expectations and allowed me to focus on recovery, while shielding me from a lot of the stress of dealing with the TAC.”

– Kylie-Anne Simpson

Why Maxiom Injury Lawyers?

In our experience, clients receive the most benefit during the legal process when they work with a lawyer who actively listens to their stories and understands their concerns about the legal process.

That’s why at Maxiom Injury Lawyers you will be partnered with an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law who is accessible when you need and will advocate for your rights, be your voice and ensure you receive your full and fair entitlements. We are also committed to keeping legal fees low so that you receive the maximum amount of compensation

To start your path to recovery, you can contact us at any time by phone or enquiry form. If you are not quite ready to speak to us, we also offer a Free Claims Check so you can find out if you are eligible to make a claim for your injury.

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I cannot thank Sach, Shane and Maxiom Injury Lawyers enough for all the hard work and effort they have gone through for my case. You have exceeded my expectations and allowed me to focus on recovery, while shielding me from a lot of the stress of dealing with the TAC.

- Kylie-Anne Simpson

Sach engaged me in a beautiful professional manner as he discussed my options, always leaving any decisions to me without pressure. Sach and his team are tenacious and conduct themselves with a professional manner with a high regard for their integrity. Thankyou so much for your expertise and support.

- Donna Matthews

Thank you so much to the team at Maxiom Injury Lawyers, you helped me all the way through the toughest time.  Sach got the right outcome for my family, I can’t thank Sach enough for his kindness, patience and care. Sach made the impossible possible.

- Elsa Voong

Sach and his team kept me calm and stress free after a traumatic head on car accident and the injuries that followed. This included dealing with TAC for nearly 3 years.  I could not have gone through this without their ongoing support and kindness. Highly recommend.

- Carley Jack

I am struggling dealing with my issues from my car accident. I would like to personally thank Sach, and his team for their absolutely amazing work.  They were more than forthcoming, offering advice along the way. Guiding me through the whole process, with a stress free approach. I could not have a higher recommendation!

- Dale Gunn


TAC Claims FAQ

A TAC claim should be made immediately so that you can start claiming your benefits.

In Victoria there is a time limit of twelve months from the date of your accident for you to make a claim with a possible extension of up to three years. 

The TAC may not accept any claims lodged beyond three years unless you were under 18 years of age at the time of your injury.  In this case, you have until you turn 21 to make a TAC claim.

There are a number of different types of accidents which occur on the roads which are eligible for “no fault” financial support from the TAC.  These include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents (i.e. car, bus, truck, tram, scooter, motorbike, quad bike)
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Collision with a pedestrian
  • Psychological injury claims
  • Nervous shock or dependency claims
  • Spinal injuries
  • Whiplash injuries.

These injuries may also entitle you to lump sum and/or damages payments, so we recommend you speak with one of our TAC lawyers as soon as possible to understand your potential full entitlements.

Yes, provided that you are a Victorian resident and your accident involved a Victorian registered vehicle.

If you are not a Victorian resident but became injured whilst you were a passenger or driver of a Victorian registered vehicle the TAC will pay you compensation.

However, if your injury didn’t involve a Victorian registered vehicle, your benefits are governed by the laws of the state where your accident occurred.

Yes.  You are still entitled to weekly payments, medical and associated expenses and an impairment benefit, however you will not be entitled to sue for your pain and suffering and loss of income.

If you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident, your entitlements will be reduced.

We recommend speaking with a specialist at Maxiom Injury Lawyers to discuss the specific circumstances of your accident.

Yes.  There are two types of lump sum payments that you may be entitled to:

  • Impairment benefit – A claim for an impairment benefit can be made 12 months from the date of your injury provided your condition is permanent and stable. The claims process takes four months, during which time you will be examined by an Independent Medical Examiner who will provide an assessment of your level of impairment against injury thresholds.
  • Common law damages (Pain and Suffering and Economic Loss) – A common law claim can only be made 18 months after your injury or after your impairment benefits claim has finalised.  To be entitled to a lump sum, you must establish that you sustained a serious injury due to the fault of another party.

Yes.  TAC will pay benefits to a family member regardless the cause of the accident.  These benefits include funeral expenses, family counselling, and dependency benefits.

You may also bring a common law claim if the death of your loved one was the fault of another person.

This can be a very complex area so please contact Maxiom Injury Lawyers so we can discuss your individual circumstances.

Yes.  If you have taken out income protection as part of your superannuation policy, you may be able to make a claim.  In addition, you are entitled to a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) or Permanent Incapacity claim within your respective superannuation scheme.  We can assist you make this claim at an appropriate time.

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