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A Lawyer’s Perspective: How can we be “culturally competent”?

Unfortunately, one subject that is not taught at law school is “cultural competency”. Like any other professional industry, lawyers communicate with both colleagues and clients who are from different culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It is important that we recognise the nuances of each cultural background and how it shapes one’s mannerisms and responses. What […]

Injured worker with shoulder injuries awarded $275,000 plus costs plus retention of benefits

Maxiom Injury Lawyers’ Shane Don and Sach Fernando recently obtained a damages award of $275,000 for pain and suffering and economic loss for a woman who sustained significant right shoulder, lower back and psychiatric injuries. The matter was rejected by a Barrister who considered that it had no prospects of success. Nonetheless, we believed in […]

Wrongs Act Claims

Claiming compensation for injuries sustained in public, due to a defective product, medical negligence or wrongful death What does a ‘Wrongs Act’ Claim mean? There are various pieces of legislation that cover the way personal injury claims in Victoria are managed. The main ones are: The Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 – which […]

WorkCover: Return to Work Obligations

Returning to work following an injury must be done in line with your Doctors advice. It is important that both you and your employer adhere to the limitations detailed in your Certificates of Capacity so as to avoid you suffering further injury. If you are currently in receipt of weekly payments, there are certain obligations […]

Physiotherapy and the TAC

Physiotherapy treatment can be vital to your road to recovery. It can increase your range of movement and mobility, provide pain management and improve your postural alignment. If you have an accepted TAC claim in Victoria, you are entitled to ongoing medical and like services that are reasonable and related to your transport accident. The […]

Fast Tracking Your TAC Serious Injury Application

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) introduced its ‘Supplementary Common Law Protocols’last year, as part of its strategy to get individuals back on the road to recovery sooner. In certain cases, these Protocols have streamlined the common law damages claims process through the implementation of ‘Serious Injury Fast Track Applications’. (TAC Serious Injury Application) When can […]

Can I be Compensated for Work-Related Hearing Loss?

In Australia, approximately one in seven people will develop hearing loss.[1] From this portion, studies suggest that 37% are a result of noise induced hearing loss, including exposure at work.[2]This is common for those who work in the construction, manufacturing and automotive industries.The effects of exposure to hazardous noise levels can range from constant ringing […]

Sach Fernando

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Sach Fernando is a leading lawyer and Specialist in Personal Injury law, accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria.