You can claim benefits from your superannuation fund if you are unable to work due to injury or illness, provided you had an active policy at the date you last worked or when you injured yourself.

These benefits may include:

  • Income protection which provides you with a stream of income for a period of time whilst you’re unable to work.
  • Total Permanent Disability benefit, where you are unable to do work for which you are skilled and have experience to perform.
  • Death benefit, payable to the policy holder’s beneficiaries in the event of their death.
  • Trauma benefit i.e. cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Often you would have opted to take out this policy which entitles you to a lump sum where you suffer from the specific trauma.

If you had multiple Superannuation policies you may be able to make multiple TPD claims.

Every superannuation fund is different in their definitions, criteria and requirements for a claim. Your entitlements depend on both the terms of the trust deed, and the specific insurance policy. Maxiom superannuation lawyers Melbourne will carefully review these documents to advise you of your entitlement to claim.

Why Maxiom?

Our passion is to help you on your road to recovery and ensure that all of your entitlements are fully paid. We will advocate for your rights, be your voice, and are accessible when you need. You will be represented by a Specialist personal injury lawyer with the commitment that fees will be kept low.

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Sach Fernando

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