Injured motorcyclist awarded $800,000

The innocent victim of a drug affected reckless driver has received an extraordinary award of damages for his injuries. 

Serious Injury Case Note: Kaos v ISS Security [2017] VCC 379

Despite the worker suffering an acquired brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, WorkCover denied his serious injury certificate. Sach Fernando disputed this decision at the County Court of Victoria and won.

Serious Injury Case Note: Vogel v Shecky Pty Ltd [2016] VCC 1600

A former security guard was hit with a glass bottle causing permanent injury to his left eye and respiratory function. Despite this, his application for a Serious Injury Certificate was denied by WorkCover. Sach Fernando challenged this decision at the County Court of Victoria and won.

Sach Fernando named as one of Victoria's Rising Stars in the Legal Industry

"Sach is a passionate lawyer with entrepreneurial flair. He has an indomitable work ethic and is committed to providing the best representation for injured Victorians. He conducts his practice with empathy, upholding the interests and integrity of our clients. He is strategic, innovative and agile, structuring his practice to achieve outstanding results."