Our Team

Maxiom has a team of the best lawyers in Melbourne with years of experience in personal injury law. Our sole focus is to provide high-quality legal representation to our clients to achieve the maximum compensation they deserve and make their journey as comfortable as possible.

Zahida Popal


It is a privilege to represent injured Victorians and I will never give up on their rights.

Sach Fernando is a leading lawyer and Specialist in Personal Injury law, accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria.

He is committed to guiding his clients on their road to recovery and will ensure that their weekly income and medical treatment are paid on time.

Sach is unafraid to challenge decisions made by insurance companies and works with a team of leading barristers to fight for his clients’ rights in Court.

Sach is also an active member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance, an organisation that is committed to protecting the rights of individuals, and the Law Institute of Victoria, who named him as a Rising Star in 2017.

Sach is of Sri Lankan heritage and speaks fluent Sinhalese. His service to the Sri Lankan Australian community was recognised in 2016 when he was awarded Young Sri Lankan of the Year.

Sach founded Maxiom Injury Lawyers with a commitment to providing high quality legal advice, which is personal and affordable. He is passionate about keeping legal fees low so that his clients have the maximum compensation to rebuild their lives.

Sach can be contacted on 0488 722 444 or via email [email protected]

Zahida Popal


Shane chose to practise as a plaintiff personal injury lawyer to make a genuine difference in the lives of injured people. He understands that as a lawyer he is able to use his legal expertise to help navigate clients through complex insurance schemes.

Shane is a fearless and passionate advocate for the rights of injured Victorians. He prides himself on understanding his client’s needs and is relentless in achieving the best possible outcomes. He approaches his practice with strategic thinking, a keen eye to detail and being empathetic to the various circumstances of his clients.

Having overcome a number of injuries, Shane recognises the devastating effects injuries can have on one’s physical and psychological health. He believes there is nothing more satisfying than supporting clients through this difficult time so that they can move forward with their lives.

He is fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded colleagues who have a willingness to collaborate and work together. Shane joined Maxiom Injury Lawyers because of its fantastic culture and client-centric focus, and could not imagine being anywhere else.

Shane is of Sri-Lankan heritage and can communicate with clients in Sinhalese.

Zahida Popal


Michaela graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Deakin University in February 2020. During her time at University she was an active student, representing her University three times in the Australian University Games for Netball and participating in three University abroad programs in Indonesia, China and Germany.

Prior to joining Maxiom Injury Lawyers, Michaela worked in legal policy, advocating for legislative change and policy reform on behalf of the legal profession. During her time in this role, she developed a keen interest in litigation, particularly Personal Injury Law and made the decision to transition her legal career to private practice.

Michaela’s key strengths include her keen attention to detail, hands-on approach and empathy toward clients. She believes open and honest communication is key and ensures she develops personal relationships with each client so she can best assist them throughout the duration of their matter.

Michaela says that the most rewarding aspects of working at Maxiom is being able to work within a team that share the same values as her own and being able to assist injured people who may not otherwise be aware of their entitlements under the law. She strives to achieve a successful outcome for all clients and is never afraid to put her skills to the test when dealing with a particularly complex matter.

Zahida Popal


Zahida is a fearless advocate who combines her passion for social justice with legal acumen to achieve outstanding results for her clients.

“I joined Maxiom Injury Lawyers to be with a firm that has a genuine client focus, delivering outcomes which are relatable, fair and with the client’s best interests at heart,” says Zahida.

Being a member of a culturally and linguistically diverse community, Zahida has seen how difficult it can be for people to navigate the legal system without expert legal advice. This drives her to ensure that her clients receive high quality legal representation.

“I consider practising law to be a privilege and enjoy solving complex legal problems in order to help my clients get their lives back on track. I come to work knowing I am making a difference to my clients and I feel truly privileged to be in this role.”

Zahida is of Afghan background and is fluent in Pashto.

Aylin Yigit


Aylin Yigit is committed to social justice and using her voice to stand up for the rights of individuals.

Prior to joining Maxiom, Aylin worked for Australia’s largest Personal Injury Law Firm. She also volunteers at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre assisting vulnerable immigrants navigate the legal process. During this time she developed a passion to protect and fight for the rights of individuals.

Aylin is empathetic and genuinely passionate about helping people. She is committed to fighting for the rights of injured Victorians and understands the emotional toll that an injury can have on one’s life. She is therefore focused on ensuring that her clients feel supported and guided as they navigate the Workcover and TAC insurance schemes.

Aylin chose to work at Maxiom to collaborate with a team that strongly advocates for its clients. She says, “Maxiom is a team that possesses equal amounts of passion as it does skill”.